Motivation Monday: He’s always watching

Hey it’s Monday again already folks! I hope you had a nice weekend?

After a mostly boring and generally lacklustre weekend, I found myself sitting on the floor at the laptop while the pygmy slept silently behind me wondering how did everything get so hard?

How did everything get so hard? 

Before I was blessed with my little pygmy I would just ‘do’ stuff whenever I felt like it but since I got my new title (‘maaaam’) everything seems that much harder to do. I mean literally. Even something as simple as washing my hair (ok, any naturally curly person knows that wash day is not an easy feat even on a good day) or going  to the gym feels like a massive chore.

When I do actually do stuff it’s always a mad dash….

The easiest thing to do would be say “oh well doing stuff post baby  is difficult” but that would be a cop-out. Its not that difficult. If anything its only really tiring. And lets face it, pretty much the only guarantee you got when you gave birth to your kid was you were going to be tired. ALL. THE. DAMN. TIME. and boy oh boy were they right.

Trying to balance work and home is a herculean feat no one prepares us for. Trying to stay inspired by life and motivated to keep up with the things that made me feel anything other than half dead is difficult when I really only feel capable of hibernation.

But then I look up and see the bright eyes and beaming smile watching my every move and I somehow pick myself up, put a smile on my face and pretend to be a dinosaur for the 1 millionth time that day because I know if I don’t motivate myself to stay in the game those little eyes  WILL be watching and Learning.

(He refused to give up the dum-dum😓)

Everything I do is for him. He is my motivation. Only question now is, how to I harness my motivation for doing stuff for him into doing stuff for me ?

If any of you adventure-mama’s out there have any advice for me, i’d greatly appreciate it.

Happy Monday adventurers!



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