Thursday throwback #TBT

I don’t know why, but today made be throwback to that classic episode of Friends when Joey missed his audition because he messed up the days of the week…

You know… the Monday, 1-day, Tuesday, 2-day episode.

Image result for joey tribbiani tuesday twos day

Lately I’ve been loosing my days of the week. Waking up on Monday thinking its Wednesday (When-day?) and asking on Wednesday “when is Tuesday? is it tomorrow?”. Slowly cracking up you might say… and you might be right.

Maybe I just need a holiday? (Cue worlds smallest violin solo while I scroll tripadvisor)

Anyway, here’s a clip of that scene from Friends.

Do you guys ever have those days? (what day is that again…just kidding!)

Have a good one Adventurers!


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