Confessions: I am a weirdo

OK. I admit it… I clean for fun

And for stress release, to clear my mind and the mommy standard issue ‘rage cleaning’.

Basically I love cleaning

Sad I know but hey that’s me. That said it’s probably not hard for you to believe that I spent a good portion of my bank holiday weekend doing just that. Cleaning.

I actually sit watching YouTube videos on tips for cleaning…and get a tad excited when I see a tool or a method which might take my cleaning game to the next level. Yep I’m talking the likes of white vinegar and baking soda or the Angry Mama microwave steamer. (yes I realise I’m a loser)

Its a kind of therapy for me. Starting the job, putting in the work then reaping the benefits. Ahhh bliss.

Or at least it would be if I wasn’t recently forsaken by my dishwasher. (insert look of betrayal here)

The mechanical monster I used to love has forsaken me and thrown my whole cleaning routine out of whack! Ok, ok I can sense some of you rolling your eyes and calling me a princess for relying on my dishwasher to get the job done but let me tell you this…

When you have a system. A trusted System that works you become dependant on that system. And when that very same precious system brakes down, where does it leave you??

In total chaos that’s where!

So I’ve digressed a little; basically my dishwasher has a blockage somewhere… I think its due to the insanely hard water in my area and my utter neglect of never not running the Calgon washer thingy through the cycle once in a while. Yes I know I have no one to blame but myself but this is where we are.

I spent the better part of my Me-time (A.K.A time between the Pygmy falling asleep and the Captain getting home) fiddling with the filters and running drain un-blockers through the pipes only to have the bugger play with my emotions.

Hand washing dishes is so time consuming… I don’t like doing it. It’s added like a whole 20 mins to my daily routine (40 if the Pygmy notices me doing and wants to ‘help’)

I swear if I don’t get this fixed soon everyone’s sharing one plate at meal times or nobody eats!

Send help Adventurers! Or at least a dishwasher repair man…..




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