Dedicated to the Daddy

I don’t often talk about the human who helped spawn my little Pygmy (AKA my fiancé) here at the MDS (Modern day safari) and the reason for that is like most men he just complicates things lol… just kidding!

No really, it’s because I find it’s hard enough in day to day life to find time (or space) to focus on  myself and of course he has his own life and things going on. But today I wanted to take a moment and shout out to him and all the other behind the scenes dads out there holding things down and generally being awesome outside the limelight of their significant others blogs and otherwise!

As annoying and grumpy and generally awkwardly – awesome in his own way as he is, he really is a great dad who truly loves his Pygmy. And I am so thankful for that.

If ever there comes a time where I forget to say it;

Your breath smells like a dragon in the morning …

But I love you anyway…

Big up to the daddy! Thank you for being my kind of weirdo.


Shout out to all you daddy adventurers


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