Dreaming of Disney

As some of you may know; I’m a bit Disney obsessed.

Not in the ‘it’s all I talk about, dress like characters, only cook Disney shaped food’ kind of obsessed but it is definitely my happy place.

It’s been our annual family vacation destination of choice for nearly 20 years (not saying we went every year but near enough) and last year I was lucky enough to take my Pygmy there for the first time to share the magic. Needless to say IT. WAS. MAGICAL!


Cinderella’s castle…look at that happy kid front and centre! lol


(Alright slight exaggeration.) No travel with a toddler is magical but it most definitely was a very cherished holiday and we all had lots of fun.

Ok I’ve digressed a little… lately I have been dreaming of that happy place. Every now and then it calls to me. You know, in that way the left over slice of birthday cake calls to you at midnight kinda calling.

So I’ve decided to do a few posts on the topic to appease my need for Disney. Nothing too heavy just a few top 10s, the best and the worsts… maybe a London to Disney post ah what the hell heck… I’ll wing it!

Stay tuned adventurers…WE’RE GOING TO DISNEY! (metaphorically)


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