Stationary haul: New notebook!

Hi Adventurers!

I did it again…I bought MORE stationary!!! *hides face in shame*

I’m a bit of a stationary addict… Not as bad as my partner in crime ‘the Captain’ (aka Pgymy-daddy / Grumps / FiancĂ©/ etc.) but still pretty bad I think.

For the last 2 years I’ve limited myself to only buying stationary when I actually need it (revolutionary I know!) Now I have to fess up. I did laps a few times. Firstly on holiday last October; in Disney World I bought these really cute post it notes shaped like Disney food…


and again in Jan when I bought this cute (excuse the profanity) notebook in the new stationary store that opened in my local shopping centre [Typo]; they are an Australian brand and apparently the Paperchase equivalent out in Oz.

So here they are all cosy together on my desk at work… see I do eventually use all this crap!

Have a great day and eventually weekend Adventurers!


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