Raising a toddler will teach you stuff…

Its tantrum central round these parts of the jungle right now. 2 year old-isms in full swing (or hurricane depending on how you want to look at it)

Real talk here folks… raising a toddler will really teach you stuff.

You know stuff like

Patience. Now I’m not talking that virtuous type of patience no no; I’m talking the “just 16-18 more years and you’ll be some other poor woman’s problem. She can pick up after you all day and listen to you ask inane questions I simply have no answer to.” Ah sweet sweet patience.

Revenge. Ok so this sounds bad but I’m talking the “you didn’t want to share the bag of crisps while walking home (yes I let him eat crisps. Don’t judge me) and now you dropped the whole bag on the floor” or the little f*%ker refused his morning nap so has a melt down, falls asleep 3hrs late and misses all his favourite cartoons and you just sit there smug like #karma wuh-wuh! Kinda revenge.


What do you think of my child containment system?

Almost every day WILL be an uphill struggle… carrying weights, walking through mud. Or at least it will feel like that at the end of the day before you look over at the washing pile in despair. But don’t worry! You’ll remember he won’t be a toddler forever and it WILL get easier. (Hopefully)

Arguing with adults will automatically make you revert to mommy mode. Because trying to rationalise with a toddler will give you the best experience with handling conflict resolution. (MI5 needs mums!)

Its not all bad… They also teach you

100% unconditional love. Never before was it possible to be driven so far to the brink you actually considered jail time as a feasible holiday option but then flip the script and just snuggle the crap out of that kid. Not matter what they do. You love them and they know it!

How to be a kid again… and just do stuff for the fun of it. Even when that means having your knees feel like they are basically about to fall out of their joint socket. The kids smiling so your smiling too. Win-Win.

Appreciation. You have a new found appreciation for your folks. They did all the crazy crap with you AND now they’re doing it all again with your kid. Who knew eh!

All this time you thought you were the one doing the teaching….

Turns out, he’s the one teaching you.

Have a good one Adventurers.



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