Are Disney Photo Pass photos actually worth it?

Now this is a question I ask myself a lot while I’m planning my trips to Disney World. As my regular readers may already know; Disney World is a place me and my family go relatively often (considering we live in the UK and aren’t rich)

On more or less all of my recent trips to WDW I’ve either bought individual photos or a package for PhotoPass photos and I can honestly say that over the years (and in my experience) the picture quality has actually gotten worse! Our last trip (our first with Pygmy) I think highlighted this most as a fair amount of the photos taken by the Disney crew were either blurry or had poor composition/ spacing/ light.

*Disclaimer– When booking Disney tickets through Disney guests booking from the UK get a photoPass package FREE with their ticket purchase when bought direct with (I’ll write another post about this and link to it later)

Ok ok… some of you are rolling your eyes (yes I can sense it through the internet!) but hear me out.

They have designated spots, so that should eliminate the element of surprise. You know where people are going to stand. You know where characters are going to stand the only things you can’t account for are light conditions and people moving. That said; depth of field should be pretty good and also positioning. Now if I drill down a little further and say these guys are armed with pretty sophisticated kit with nice flash guns and often tripods so lighting and blur again shouldn’t be a real issue.

Here are a couple demonstrating what I mean…



Notice how our faces are a bit blurred…



And too much light in Pygmy’s face…


Now to be fair to the them, it is useful having them around. If like us you always end up with someone not in the pictures or if they are in the pictures they are always badly taken pictures taken but well meaning strangers or shaky handed family members *coughs mum cough* then the PhotoPass cast members can be a great way to get that person back into the shot. Not to mention all the great character photos you just wouldn’t want to miss out on dragging your significant other into!

Plus if you set up your camera (and I mean really set it up right down to the zoom) the Cast member will even use your  camera to take the picture. Only downside on this is they wont change a thing! I mean A THING!!!! so if the sun is making horrific glare on the lens they wont move…if its too far zoomed in/out they wont adjust it so be mindful if you decide to do this. (I guess if you’re using a simple point and shoot cam this may not me a an issue for you)

Another good thing about PhotoPass; everyone can access the cast photographers as they scan a card or your magic band which stores your pics for 30 days and if you don’t have a package you can just buy what you want if you like what you got. No obligation.


Check out the cute gecko from Rapunzel

If you have the package though you can download ALL the pictures taken for free (well actually you paid for that feature…unless you’re from the UK) so if you don’t have a camera, or simply don’t want to carry one around this could be a big deal for you.

I guess its really up to you but in my opinion as (so far) its a free option to me, ill continue to use it and hope for good pictures but if I had to pay the $149 for the package I think I’d give the package a miss and just buy the photos I really liked.


Ciao for now!


Have you had any good/ bad experiences with Disney PhotoPass?

Lets talk about it in the comments.

Speak soon Adventurers!




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