Disney with Pygmy’s: What’s in the bag?

Walking around all day with a toddler will always result in the need of a bag…

But when those strolls require you to pass through bag checks and constant closing and reopening of your stroller to board buses or coaches you really need to learn to only pack what you need.

*Enter the packing Ninja*

Haha, that’s me in case you’re wondering! On our last trip to Disney I really needed to up my game as I would be carrying for two (bags for me and the Pygmy that is) because the Captain (daddy) would be packing his heat (his camera gear) so would basically be a donkey for his own crap.

Because I had to worry about the bag, the baby and the stroller I decided it best to limit my own stuff to the absolute bare minimum and also opted to leave my DSLR at home and let ‘el Capitan’ do his thing and be the photographer and use my phone and the Disney Photo Pass guys instead.

This freed up a lot a space in my backpack (a standard size Karrimor backpack from Sports Direct) for Pygmy’s stuff, which I also limited to the bare minimum of a change of clothes (folded into a quarter size sandwich bag to keep it dry) a small lunch box filled with snacks and a freeze pack to keep them cool, two bottles of water (kept in the side pockets of the rucksack) and a small toy for him to fiddle with when he got bored. With this stuff I also added 2 rain ponchos (also folded into a sandwich bag) and my hoodie/ cardigan when I wasn’t wearing it and Pygmy pyjamas on the nights we were staying in the parks a little later.

Captain was in charge of the Ipad and his camera gear. Trust me you don’t want kids and queues with zero tech for backup. Its just not worth it!

All in all, I think our park bag was a winner, it was small enough to fit under the stroller or be carried without fuss when we had to. And most important for me, it was light enough to wear when I was also wearing the Pygmy.


Excuse the artsy pic…I couldn’t find the normal one!

I always keep a baby wearing wrap/sling in the pocket of my stroller when we travel for these times when Pygmy just wants to be held and trust me…you want a light bag when you’re carrying 12KG of kiddo around the parks in the heat!

Don’t over think it…. head out the first day with what you think you might need and adjust it when you get home for the next day. ALWAYS REMEMBER TO RE PACK THE BAG!! Don’t get caught out without your necessities because you forgot to re pack the bag. The bag is your friend. Friends look after friends! Don’t forget. Lol


Well there you have it… This was what was in my bag. Tell me what’s in your bag in the comments.

Catch you later Adventurers!


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