From Tenerife with love : Guess who’s back!

Well Adventurers I’m back!

My weekend adventure in Tenerife without my little Pygmy is over and if I’m honest it just wasn’t the same without him.

I didn’t pine for him but I definitely missed him being around (and underfoot) and being able to have my baba-snuggies whenever I want them.  (Those little buggers just dig in deep and embed themselves into every facet of your life it’s hard to go back to being without them.) 

We had fun. We got some sun (too much for some of us) and some much needed down time. There was wine 🍷 and paella and even a trip to the famous Tenerife water park “Siam park”… It was great fun but Disney standard it was not. (Disney-snob alert)

We had a few bumps along the way (literally… I got bitten so bad)  but it certainly was an adventure!

Boy oh boy am I glad to be home. 😊

Check out the few pics I took on my page ‘Window to my world’ or  on instagram @adventureswithpygmy

Xx C

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