To fanny pack or not to fanny pack…

That is the question!

Now this post was inspired by a post I read the other day from Dani over at Dani in Disney. It made me laugh because she hit the nail on the head about carrying bags at Disney. And the fact that not 6 months earlier did I do just what she had said and wore a fanny pack (bum-bag) to Disney… (My first EVER fanny pack I’ll have you know)


I got this one in TKMaxx for £7.99, i think it’s by Eastpak and has lots of little pockets (which were mostly unused by me) and was big enough to hold my immediate essential items for the parks like:

  • Travel size sun screen
  • Lip balm
  • Hand sanitiser
  • Tissue
  • Cash
  • Park ticket
  • Keys (well hotel key card actually)
  • Stickers collected from cast members for the baby (yes for the baby…and me) 

Everything else I needed; like rain poncho and cardigan along with baby changing stuff and Pygmy’s change of clothes was tossed in a small backpack I shared with his dad. As there was nothing valuable in this I was able to leave it under the stroller most of the time only having to carry it when we were boarding Disney buses.

(Check out my post about what was in bag in this other post )

Using the fanny pack also meant myhands were free to take pics and carry the baby without the extra weight of a bag.

The fanny pack may be a shocker from the 80s and early 90s but on a action packed holiday with little ones a fashionably stylish fanny pack might just be a winner.

Happy packing Adventurers!



Mexican pavilion with my fanny pack

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