First world problems…

Hey folks,

This week I’ve found myself feeling lost in who I thought I was.

I used to think I wasn’t dependant on the mod-cons of this world but turns out I was blissfully deluded. (Yep. Who knew?!)

So basically my TV has broken down… not completely but enough to have made an impact on my daily life. I have sound but no picture (cue the shock horror sound effects) 


When it first happened it concerned me but I didn’t really acknowledge the problem. But some 3-4 days later I now find myself quite irritated by it. I no longer have the luxury of the background visuals I have become so accustomed to.

First world problems indeed

It’s ridiculous I know! It’s just TV. I’m not even missing anything but it annoys me to know that I could be!

Apparently this is what my life has become. How sad.

Think it’s time a took a walk…..
Down the road to the Electronics store.


Take it easy Adventurers.


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