Organizing the jungle…


Have you ever just stopped and taken a look at all the stuff you’ve accumulated and you didn’t even notice?

Well when you do, there’s just no going back.

I’ve been looking into minimalism recently and as a result have decided to give it a go.

Now, now, don’t get excited…I’m not going full blown minimal but definitely would like to get going with letting go of the STUFF cluttering up my life.

All the sites, blogs and Vlogs say start small… so I’m starting with my desk.

Here’s the before:

Now there’s not a lot on my desk (as I hate stuff all over my desk…it stresses me out) but clutter is more than what meets the eye… .

It’s what’s hidden away from it too!

Scratch below the surface and there’s a whole world of clutter just waiting to be minimalized!

Here’s what I got rid of and why :

  • Filing trays – These are secretly just little metal/ plastic magnets for unwanted and often unsolicited paper! Many a time I have pushed something in there and literally forgotten about it for a year.
  • Stationary pots – Again. Magnet. How many pens can one girl use. Really! Besides isn’t that what that nice keyboard is for…taking notes?
  • Small stationary  – (yep it’s madness I know but stick with me) if like me and most other people and businesses, things are mostly paperless so why pray tell do you need 10000 paperclips, rubber bands, staples, staple removers, highlighters, rubbers (Erasers. Don’t giggle Americans) etc…etc… They just end up all over the place or worse still people think you are the office stationer and come to you for everything!!!!

Here’s what my desk top looks like post phase one of the cull…


Its a little sparse but I did keep my rock salt dodecahedron (hey a girls got to have something pretty) and my plant babies of course – Lil’ Kev and Theresa. I only wish I could get rid of the blasted wires!!! Maybe I’ll invest in a wireless set one day who knows.

The only thing I haven’t tackled as yet are the drawers… *dun dun duuuuunnnn*

To be honest, I’m dreading it. They are full of so much crap (and snacks) and truth be told I’m still contemplating if I need them at all.

I think I’ll update you on the drawer situation in another post and link back to this one so you can see the progress.

What are you de-cluttering out there in your safaris? Tell me in the comments.




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