Home makeover: safari edition

Ok well… my modern day safari anyway!

Now I don’t know if I mentioned before but here at base camp we are working through several renovations and an overall home makeover. It’s really not as glamorous as it sounds… as anyone who has been through this will already know that if you start more than one project at once you pretty much live in a state of … well despair.

Top tip: If you start a home make over project with your family. Start ONE job together AND FINISH IT. TOGETHER.

Speaking from experience here.

Ok let’s assume I’m going to ignor all the current unfinished jobs in our home and start from the most recent project and work through (blogging the updates) from here on out until hopefully completion.

So for this particular starting point we are working from the outside in! THE YARD!

I’m sorry I don’t actually have the before pic (but I can promise you it didn’t look as much as a disaster as this. ) but as you can see we have a nice new HUMONGUS shed out back now. Big enough to hold all the stuff our house can’t. For example the adventurers we lost along the way , cat carry box, all the garden toys like the slide and the carpet cleaner and steamer. Not to mention the everyday stuff like bulk toilet rolls and kitchen paper. The trick is now keep all the unwanted ‘crap’ out!

It still needs a coat of exterior paint and a bit of trimming here and there but we wont get round to that until the old decking’s pulled up and new slabs laid. Until we’re ready to start that part of the project I’ll be trying to pot up the big lilies and salvage any remaining little plants for replanting in the ground when the big works all finished.

Did someone say skip? No? well that’s what I need next….

Stick with me Adventurers… its gona be a bumpy ride!


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