When wash day just won’t wait…

Hey adventurers, how’s it going?

Today I found myself in one of those situations you naturally curly girls will know all too well… where your hair is in between wash days but just won’t be able to be salvaged enough to make it and a wash and go just isn’t gona cut it.

Yep it was one of those days. My hair looked like some cross between Dorothy’s scarecrow and a bird attack victim. No exaggeration.

Seen as I am yet to win the lotto and one cannot simply just not go outside (as I really need that pay cheque) what is one supposed to do?? Huh??

Braid the hell out of it. That’s what!

Stand back Vidal Sassoon this is a job for a deep conditioner, a halo braid and a hell of a lot of Bobby pins!

It did the trick. Paired with a grey sweater and skinny jeans with leopard pumps; jobs a good un’ (as we say in Blighty)

What do you do when your in a bind and need to get the hell out of the house??

Hit me up in the comments.

Happy Thursday adventures!


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