Staying off property – Why I don’t stay at Disney World.

OK before we start I just want to say I have never actually stayed on Disney property so my reasons are based solely on observations, personal accounts from other people I know or the odd blog post from trusted fellow Disney bloggers.

OK now that’s out the way, here are my main reasons:

(In no particular order)


The price.

It’s no secret that the rates for staying on Disney property can get a little expensive. Now I’m not saying that the rooms/hotels aren’t worth the money because I do believe in most cases they are; it’s just when your already spending a small fortune getting to the USA in the first place the last thing you want to do is spend mega bucks on a room your really not spending a hell of a lot of time in.


Now this will really depend on the type of accommodation you’ve opted for (suits/room/villa etc) but for me anytime – limited or otherwise is really too long to spend trapped in a small room with another adult and child so personally I prefer to opt for a small suite so we can at least space out a little and not spend the indoor hours bouncing off each other.

The cost of even the most basic suites on DP (Disney Property) are quite expensive and when you factor in the fact that you’ll probably still have to eat out because most of these suites only have a kitchenette you’ll be adding quite a few more £££s to the price count.


Ever notices the massive crowds of people you see in the morning funnelling out of those beautiful Disney Transport busses in the morning coming from one of the local hotels or the crowd waiting to board the monorail at the end of the day to the Grand Floridian? Yeah, now imagine you have to join them EVERY DAY , every time you want to come or go. Case and point.


Staying on DP allows you unlimited access to transportation to and from all the parks and hotels. Which is awesome. But what if you don’t want to go to a Disney hotel or park? This is where staying off site has its first big win. Most hotels off site try to win back their audience by offering FREE or super cheap transfers to and from Disney and other local attractions at scheduled times in the day and all week. Which is excellent for out of towners who aren’t driving or don’t want stress about Uber’s or bus schedules. I hate driving. Especially when on holiday so this is a big deal for me.

Change of scenery.

Ok. Now I admit this might be controversial but sometimes it’s nice to get away from the mouse. (Covers face)

Don’t get me wrong; I LOVE Disney but sometimes I do need a break from all the kids, candy and stimulation. Now you may choose yourself a really nice hotel with a neutral theme but do you ever really escape the kids and the Mickey references? I don’t know. I’m sure I’ll stay on property one day and I’ll find out.


(No it’s not a word, but I like it )

What I mean is the ability to chose where you want to stay in relation to the other things you want to see. Probably not relevant if you’re only going to Disney but if your coming a long way like us Brits you probably have a few other sites you want to see too. So the ability to stay somewhere more central is a definite bonus.

Personally I like to stay in Kissimmee or Lake Buena Vista; I find that although you don’t have all the hustle and bustle on your doorstep like staying on I-Drive, there is plenty to keep you entertained.

Uber and public transport links are good and accessible everywhere so it’s very easy to get around. And the choice of hotels ain’t bad either.

What are your drivers or breaks for staying on or off property? I’d love to hear about it in the comments.


2 thoughts on “Staying off property – Why I don’t stay at Disney World.

  1. Ying-Vi Phung says:

    Yup I totally agree with all your points. I love the Disney Magic but even I couldn’t hack 3 consecutive days of Disney so the thought of staying on site frightens me. Nothing beats a villa with your own private pool!

    Liked by 1 person

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