Throwback Thursday

Hey Adventurers!

Happy throwback Thursday to you. I know for some the mere mention of these two words can fill you with dread but for me (at least for today) it’s filled me with beautiful nostalgia!

Look what I found last night when clearing out an old bookshelf at the back of the dumping room (aka spare room)

Check the year out on these babies! 1996!!!!

Not only are these more than 20 years old they are also from the first ever year I went to Walt Disney World. ❤️

Does it get more magical?!

With all the different electronic aids we have today it’s hard to believe the humble VHS was once the big player in helping us plan our vacations.

sed to watch this thing on loop; looking out for all the different things I was hoping to see when I finally got to WDW. Imagining myself as the little girl who got to hug Mickey on Main Street USA.

Ahhhh. Good times.

This wasn't even the official Disney planner either! I don't know how it was for folks in the US but for us in the UK we got a beautiful glossy leaflet book packed with pages detailing attractions, dining and of course hotels.

They eventually switched all this to CDs and then of course the internet happened and the rest is history.

Have you come across and relics from the past recently?

I'd love to hear about it.


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