Budgets suck!

There I said it.

Budgets really suck. They start off (ok and end up) being really useful but you quickly realise that you are in fact screwed because you

a) spend too much

b) don’t save enough and

c) realise you need more income.

I can totally understand right now why ignorance is bliss. *insert stroppy child face here*

Childish rant aside and in all seriousness I really hate tracking my budget. I know it’s 100% necessary and infinitely important to do but it’s always something that depresses me. Watching the ins and outs month to month. Watching the bottom lines fluctuate with every new responsibility.

Can someone just give me the winning lotto numbers already?

Trying to be a responsible adult is seriously not fun. But I have a little guy counting on me to do it right so alas I must.

Guess I better start planning meals or find some love for the humble sandwich.

Arrrgghhh! Someone send a take away!!!!!

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