The lights are on but no ones home

Have you ever had that eerie feeling when you arrive home and the lights are all on but no one is home?

Ok now imagine that feeling but within yourself. You know how you should/want to feel but instead all you feel is the void…that sort of hollow feeling like something is missing.

That’s how I feel lately. Now don’t go jumping to conclusions. I’m not coming undone (or at least I don’t think so) I just feel like something is missing. The passion for life and creativity just don’t seem to be with me at the moment.

I’m still willing, I just can’t seem to find and hold on to the motivation. And it’s starting to grate on me.

Good news is though; I’m back to blogging! Yay! So there must be a tiny spark somewhere. Also we are sliding on into my favourite time of year… CHRISTMAS┬áso that’s sure to throw so inspiration and motivation my way right??


Fingers crossed for me folks!

(I can be such a drama queen sometimes can’t I?!)


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