Shout out to the mamas

It’s FRIDAY people!!!!

And I for one am ecstatic AF that I made it one piece; that is to say without a mental or emotional breakdown.

Today I want to give a massive shout out to all the mamas who need to hear that they are doing a great, no AMAZING job keeping their own little safaris on course, getting their kiddos washed and fed, completing the school/nursery/activity club runs without total apocalypse and all the other daily stuff we do.

Yeah you. Yes. I’m talking to you. You’re the real MVPs.

This morning was the last nursery drop off of the week with my screaming Pygmy; yes at age 2.5 he has finally realised he can pitch a hissy fit about something and boy is he milking it. But hey. It’s the weekend, so that means two whole days of…well… the same sh*t minus the school run but I’ll take it coz that’s one less thing to do.

This weekend is going to be a whirlwind of Christmas shopping, cat sitting and kick-boxing (in other words, tiring) but as always, totally worth it. Let’s hope we all manage to find 5 Mins to ourselves to appreciate the awesomeness that is us.

Happy FriYAY mamas.

We made it 👍🏼💁🏽

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