Book review: The Invention of Wings

The invention of wings

By: Sue Monk Kidd

Also the writer of The secret of bees which was later made into an award-winning movie.   The novel debuted at No. 1 on The New York Times Best Seller list and was later selected for Oprah’s Book Club 2.0.

Number of times I’ve read it: Once

Story plot: The Invention of Wings, is set during the antebellum years and based on the life of Sarah Grimké, a 19th-century abolitionist and women’s rights pioneer.

Why I loved it: It was a fantastically gripping read. I struggled to put it down, even missed my stop on the commute home a few times because I was lost in the story.

I think one of the main reasons it was so captivating was that fact it was based on (or might be in fact) a true story. The main characters – the Grimké sisters are certainly real enough. But the trials that each character went through were so well illuminated it felt as though I were there, witnessing it first hand.

Each character was so well written, you almost feel what they were feeling, relate to it even. Each page pulled you onto the next, eliciting a need to know what happens next.

Coming from a family where sewing a quilt is a very common and familiar thing to do, much of the story hit home in a way I wasn’t expecting. A feeling that, if I had been born many years earlier, could this have been me?

It’s a beautiful read. You will most likely shed more than one tear (like I did) but you won’t put it down till your done.

5/5 from me.

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