Baubles, bakes and back to work blues

Hey Adventurers!

I know I did it again… and took another absence from updating you guys on the random events of my life. In my defence; it was probably the only thing I warned you I’d do right from the very start, and I did also tell you I’d always come back!


We are now well into the new year, and there are new years resolutions flying around left, right and centre aren’t there…

Did you guys have a nice Christmas / Hannukah / Kwanza? I did I guess… I baked, ate and baked some more. Sorry, there are no pics; I was too busy shovelling food into my face!

Even though I did all that is expected of one during the holidays, something about the season this year just felt like a chore. The twinkly lights just didn’t seem to have the same twinkle. Even the bright eyes and constant wonder coming from the pygmy didn’t seem to buoy my spirits much this year.

A combination of a busy work schedule, minimal social interactions and a general lack of ‘umph’ can really put a dampener on the festive season. Throw into the mix the ever looming back to work blues and you’ve got a recipe for festive disaster!


I try to keep it all in perspective of course. It could always be worse; and often is for many of us at this time of year.  Here were/are my top 5 ways to make it through the holidays and start the New Year right.

Make time for the things and people you love and make you feel happy.  No pressure, just set a little time aside to make a call to someone you miss or haven’t spoken to in a while. Or maybe take some time out of all the rushing and wrapping to have a little me time. (Personally, I like to watch an old movie like Holiday Inn or the Sound of Music. You know something cheesy)  

Get some exercise. Again, no pressure. I’m not suggesting you go run a 5k or go hard in the gym. (I’m breaking a sweat just thinking about it) Take a walk, have a good stretch, take the dog out. Just go get your blood circulating. It really helps destress.

Hobby time is Happy time.  Whats the point in having some time off if you can’t do the things you love? Remember that thing you started back in the summer…yep that whatever it was you started and never finished because you got too busy. Yeah? Do that! and if like me you are already back to the grind; block out some time in the week- half an hour when you get home or start work a little later than normal or something.

Be thankful. Sorry, I know this one’s a bit hallmark but its really important. Really stop and take a moment to be thankful. For what you have, had and for the things yet to come. Some people will never have what you do and I think if you stop and think about it hard enough you’ll realise you got it pretty good.

Get organised. No time like the present they say. And they’d be right. Take the 5-second rule to heart and get motivated and get yourself organised.  I’ve found that when I feel in control of myself, other things don’t stress me out as much.  Clear your inbox, lose all the paperwork (ok file it or whatever) scrap the spare stationary, get yourself a new journal and get going!

Its already the 2nd January people…. what are you waiting for?!

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