Baby, it’s cold outside…

Now, this is a phrase I find myself saying a lot at the moment.

‘Momming’ little kids in the winter is tough. (And yes I intentionally wrote it the American way- I think writing it with a ‘U’ makes it a very different word)

Finding fun and engaging things for the kiddo to do when it’s just too cold to play outside is proving to be a real challenge. I often find myself torn between

  1. Is this gona be so messy I’ll want to punish myself for suggesting it. And
  2. This is gona be one of those games that gona make so much noise and take so much effort; I’m going to want to punish myself for even suggesting it. (See a theme here?)

Even if I did actually take the Pygmy outside in the cold/ wet/wind/snow! the captain (aka his dad) or the village people (aka my family) have something to say about it.

The way I see it; I live in a country known worldwide for its cold/ wet/ windy climate. So going out in such weather is almost inevitable. BUT still, there isn’t much around to do for anyone of any age here for some bizarre reason.

I promised the Pygmy I’d let him out in the garden with his new PJ Masks umbrella if it rains today (still not sure if I can go through with it) but I’m gona need to find something for him to do. Building blocks just ain’t cutting it.


Since writing this post (and losing the will to finish it and post it) it started snowing! 4 days straight of snow… a few romps outside for the Pygmy, a snowmageddon-ish school run and some “owchy” fingers later we are both a little glad to be inside this weekend.

I still don’t have much to do but I think for now or at least until it thaws outside, I’m good!

What do you guys do with winter weathers trapping you indoors?



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