Forget who you THOUGHT you are and BE who you ARE are.

Hey Adventurers!

The first two months of the year are officially over and it got me thinking just how actually Sh*t the start of the year is on self-esteem.

Everything out there is basically telling you, you- as you are right now isn’t good enough. Couple that with whatever ideas you had about yourself and its a recipe for utter disaster for your mojo.

I recently saw a video Will Smith posted about making yourself happy and that you cannot make anyone (other than yourself) happy. It’s not your responsibility. And you know what… He’s right! (you can watch the video here)

The Gym ads aren’t gonna make you feel good about yourself, the makeup/clothing ads certainly aren’t; it’s all on you.

Family, friends…heck; even strangers all have something to say about who you should be.

Be you. The version of yourself you like. The version that makes YOU happy.

I for one have spent way too much time trying to make other people happy at the expense of my own happiness. It ends now.

It’s like the aeroplane safety demo tells you… save yourself. THEN help others.  I’m not saying be selfish. But I’ve come to the realisation that if you don’t look after yourself first, you are next to useless for anyone else.

Put your mask on people, and let’s do this!



Photo credit: The unsurpassable magic that is Google! 


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