Good bye winter!

Hey Adventurers!

Yesterday, marked the end of winter and the start of spring here in the UK. YAY!

We’ve been having some freak cold weather here recently; wind, snow and more bloody snow! I understand that for many of my readers is completely normal for your parts of the world, but for us here in London, snow is usually something we’re told will come in blizzards but actually is just a few wisps that last all of about 2 hours and virtually never settles.

This year, however, 3 months AFTER Christmas (which is when we would actually welcome the snow) we had this:

Very pretty, but after a week of  (and yes I’m aware there are only about 3 inches of snow on the ground) freezing cold, icy roads and endless transport disruption; we the united peoples of the Kingdom are completely over it!

Thr weatherman predicts more snow from the ‘beast from the East’ over Easter but for now at least its sunny and mild out…

So Hello Spring! 


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