Just one more…

One more hug

One more squeeze

One more kiss on the nose.

Can I have one more night where you play with my hair in that cosy way you do?

One more giggle as I tickle you because you asked me to.

One more piggyback ride?

One more night crashed out at the end of your bed waiting for the sandman to finally come.

One more Eskimo kiss with your little button nose.

One more night of hugs because only mum will do.

I’ll even take one more tantrum because you’re only little once.

I don’t want to miss a second of this. This moment, this blink in time.

It’s hard work and I’m always tired.

It’s easy to wish it all way. You’re growing so fast and our firsts are almost over.

I’ll never stop. I’ll always need just one more… because I’ll never want our lasts.


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