Safari wildlife, in all its wonder

Hey guys,

Its been pretty slow going in on my safari lately. You know, two steps forward, one step back kinda stuff… I won’t bore you with the details.

Instead, I thought I’d do a little of one of the things I had planned to do more of when I started this blog…. take photos!

Walking around in the outside world with my camera in front of my face has never been one of MY favourite pastimes (unlike my other half) I’m usually more of a ‘take it all into my mind’s eye’ kinda girl but recently I’d found a lot of comfort in reflecting back on the past via photo so what the heck!

Now I’m nothing if not cautious when it comes to this sort of thing (You may also use the term lazy in this context)  so decided to start my photo safari at home with the resident wildlife…

This is Isis, in all her glory.


(A.K.A Iscally, beast, Icey and Isc. Not to be confused with the horrific terrorist group that all too often comes to mind when you hear the name these days)

She is a shorthaired Tabby cat with an attitude. (with me anyway) She was the second to last born in a litter of 4, two males – ginger in colour and 2 female like Isc. All had the same markings. The iconic ‘M’ on the forehead and the broken disc on one side.

Although I took Iscally home at 8 weeks, I think it might have been a little too soon as since kitten-hood she has had a real issue with authority with me. Often plays too rough or attacks me randomly without warning. I know she loves me though in her own way.

I even get the slow blinks cats do when they love their hoo-mon 💖, in any case, I wouldn’t change her for the world.

She is the most patient thing with the Pygmy, even when he’s yanking her tail or throwing toys or chasing her around the house to ride her like a donkey. She never even hisses at him let alone shows him a claw (not on purpose anyway) 

My fur baby and four legged companion.

Hold tight for more Safari inhabitants!

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