Orlando airport shuttle research

O.M G…. how freaking difficult is it, Adventurers, to find affordable airport transfers in Orlando??!! Jeez!

Maybe I’ve been spoilt by always travelling with Mears from Orlando International or maybe I’ve just been lucky but boy oh boy is it expensive to get a private (or any for that matter) transport from Sanford to Lake Buena Vista.

I know its a long way – just under an hour in fact but I think $180-$230 ONE WAY is just extortion!

And it’s not easy to navigate the various companies websites either.  They’re long-winded and unclear for the most part and the reviews…

oh lord the reviews. 

Now, I’m pretty easy going and generally ignore reviews that are overly positive or negative and tend to trust the middle of the road type reviews, but some of these companies sites had me running for the hills just from the choice of language on their sites and then bolting the doors when I read their TripAdvisor reviews.

Horror stories about double charges, no-show drivers and rude staff. Not what you want when you’re starting a holiday; or ending one!

In the end, I think I seriously looked into about 5 different companies including Orlando Carriers, Jayride, Orlando Shuttle Service, SuperShuttle and a few others found on a compare site and I STILL ended booking what I know- Mears Transportation.

They don’t run a shuttle from Orlando Sanford (SFB) but you can still reserve private cars to and from the area. I know them, I trust them and in the end, they were actually more expensive than Orlando Carriers (only by $10) but I still chose them because I know what I’m getting with them and will be in no mood for surprises after an 8.5 hr flight!

So, Sorry Orlando Carriers, maybe next time!

(Can I just say I am in no way endorsed by or affiliated to the Mears Transportation Group. All opinions expressed in this post are my own)

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