And so the countdown begins!

Hello Adventurers!

Seems like I lost you for a while back there…. phew! We’re back together now though. And just in time too;


To what I hear you ask (ok, so you didn’t ask but I’m telling you anyway!)

I am finally just 109 days away from my Disney Vacation! 

Now I know 109 days might seem like ages to some people but this is GO TIME for me! I’ve even started packing. (don’t judge me)

Packing is probably one of my favourite things about going away on holiday, and packing for Disney can be especially fun.

As far as the sorting of other holiday bits goes, I’ve already booked flights, airport transfers (watch out for a separate post about this and other bits), hotel and attraction tickets for Disney World.

There are still a few other little bits to sort out but I’m well on my way to being en route to my happy place!

Hold tight adventurers, coz I’m on my way!

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