My top 5 Pre-Disney moments

There are lots of wonderful things about the lead up to a Disney vacation… counting down, packing and planning to name but a few but some of my most favourite moments are:

Saying goodbye to my suitcase!

Getting to the airport and lobbing my suitcase onto that conveyor belt is such a great moment. Its that first milestone on ‘flight-day’ that’s really getting you that one step closer to your destination. (Even if I always have that little bit of anxiety about whether or not it will be reunited with me at the other end) 

I’m changing my case this time, I’m so excited! (Yes and a bit sad for being excited about it)

Greeting the staff member at Passport control State-Side (weirdly)

Now, I know this is a controversial one. The United States Passport control staff aren’t exactly known for their pleasant demeanour but personally a) I have never really had an especially grumpy one and b) I don’t actually care because everything beyond that point is going to be pretty awesome. Plus there really is no doubt you have arrived!

Waiting ages for my airport transfer (ok maybe not ages!)

I don’t know about you, but even though I book my airport transfer with a little bit of leeway for getting my bags and always arrive at the time I say I will, I always seem to have to wait around for my transfer to arrive.  I know this sounds negative (and it is) but it does give me that time to really adjust to the atmosphere and humidity after a 9-hour flight and just get some air. Obviously, on recent trips this time has been marred a little by having an overtired toddler in tow, usually meaning that having an ‘adjust to land’ moment is, in reality, a balance a toddler on a suitcase whilst also trying to avoid a meltdown moment but I still love it. However fleeting it has become.

Photo courtesy of (sorry!)

Arriving half dead at my hotel 

Again, this does sound like a negative but think of it more like arriving home after a really long day and being able to kick off your shoes. Which is actually exactly what I do as soon as I arrive in the suite. I reach straight for my flip-flops and throw on something comfy and unpack. Then and only then have I arrived.

Stocking up

As we always stay in self-catering suits, after unpacking there is really only one thing left to do… head to Walmart! (or Target for that matter. I love Target) I don’t know why, but I really love food shopping at Walmart. Something about the massive isles or the fact I can get all the expensive brands I buy at home at a normal price gets me all excited.

Walmart superstore

And as a bonus…

Will Call ❤

Now this one is a no-brainer.  Coming from the UK, unless you’re staying at a Disney resort, you are most likely going to need to collect your park tickets from Will Call. The staff at the window are always so lovely and  you know the magic is just moments away!

I’d love to hear about your favourite pre Disney/ vacation moments. Tell me in the comments.


3 thoughts on “My top 5 Pre-Disney moments

  1. ourworldinyellow says:

    One of my favourite pre-disney moments is definitely opening that hotel door and crashing down on the bed. That is when the travelling is finally over. I also love eating at the airport before the long flight. With two little ones in tow I know the flight will be challenging, but that meal beforehand feels like the beginning of the travelling part for me. Love this post 😃

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