Countdown update: 45 days to go

Hey Adventurers!

I wanted to do a quick countdown to Disney update, as I’ve not blogged in a while. (Really not doing a good job of this-this year…)

I finally feel like we are getting somewhere with this countdown, just 45 days to go and I’m really starting to get excited! (As if I wasn’t already)

Just to recap; so far, we have

  • Booked flights
  • Booked hotel
  • Booked transfers to hotel
  • Booked attraction tickets
  • Bought travel currency
  • Half packed Pygmy’s suitcase
  • Half packed MY suitcase
  • Bought new travel adapter extension lead (more about this later)
  • Bought new neck pillows for the flight (inc kids leg rest thingy – more about his later too)
  • ESTA visa waivers
  • Airport parking

It doesn’t seem like much looking at the list like this but believe me it feels like a lot. And I still have more to do. (What can I say… I’m a planner)

So what’s still to do I hear you say! (Well I didn’t but I’m gonna tell you anyway)

  • Finish packing
  • Buy new backpacks for the parks (mostly I need one)
  • New walking trainers – so I can break them in in time
  • Decide what I’m doing with my hair (so I can decide what products and hair equipment I need to pack)
  • And a whole bunch of little things that will come to me in the final days before we go I’m sure!

What do your countdowns look like? And when do you start?

I’d love to hear about it. Tell me in the comments.


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