I guess I did it again…

Hey Adventurers!

It’s been a minute hasn’t it? I’m sorry about that, but this last past couple months have been REAL, and truth be told I’m not sure im even over it.

But lets not dwell hey?!

Never look back, it distracts from the now… or so i hear.

Anyway, I’ve missed you guys. Here’s the best of what you’ve missed:

  • Went to Disney World in Florida’s for Pygmy’s second visit – sad to say it was GREAT!
  • Christmas was insane! – Pygmy had a great time with all hiss gifts an movies. He really engages with it all now.
  • New Years- We went out all night…hahah just kidding! We stayed in and had Chinese food which in my opinion is wayyyy better!! (This way i get to wear my jamais and stuff my face in the comfort and warmth of my own home)
  • We went to the zoo!
  • My birthday = boring, although i did get some cute gifts
  • Pygmy’s birthday = a whole lot of excitement – he had a great day. Check out a short video diary of the day on our YouTube Chanel.

There you have it. All caught up (minus the messy bit ain’t nobody want to hear about in no blog)

I’ll be posting separate posts about all that stuff so lets get back to being all cozy and familiar ok? Good.

Gosh I’ve missed you guys.

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