Top 10 things to throw out today

Hey Adventurers!

I thought I’d do a quick ’10 things’ post today… As you may know, I’ve recently joined the war on clutter so I figured it’d be good to show you all 10 things I’m throwing out (and maybe you should too) today to keep my personal jungle under control and my Safari on track.

In the interest of being minimalist… I’ll keep this short and sweet!

  1. Old or half used and abandoned toiletries. –  This is one thing my little tribe sucks at. There is always a ‘nearly’ empty something floating around the bathroom or in the cabinet and it drives me crazy. Use it or lose it, people!
  2. Wires and cables – You know what I’m talking about folks… that drawer full of wires you have no clue what they belong to.
  3. All the extra bags – Come on folks, how many backpacks, tote bags and handbags can one person really use? This one goes for the guys too! My significant other is also a bag hoarder. I mean really; 5 Camera bags? let’s get serious. Did someone say Ebay?!
  4. Shoes glorious shoes! – I know I’m treading dangerous water with this one for both sexes but you have to admit it; you’ve probably got a LOT of shoes. But ask yourself how many do you actually wear regularly? (seasons permitting of course) I’m sure you can cull the hoard a little.
  5. Clothes that have never seen the light of day – Yep everything from that knitted jumper you bought for Christmas jumper day to the hanger/box full of scarves you haven’t worn in 1,000,000 years, the costume you wore that one time and keep just in case. (FYI that costume is now like 8 years old and hasn’t seen the light of day since you bought it for that party you didn’t ‘actually’ attend)  Yep, we’ve all got them. Time to take a leaf out of Elsa’s book (ashamed to reference frozen.) Let it go!
  6. Food – Obviously not something you’re going to eat but you might want to check some of those tins lurking at the back of the cupboard there… yep that tin of peas or sardines needs to go. Now before you say it, I am not advocating waste. If it’s in date please donate it to the food bank nearest to you. And if it’s not well…need I say more?
  7. Books and/ magazines – Read or unread, educational or otherwise. If you haven’t joined us yet in the 21st Century you might want to think about it. Get yourself an e-reader. Same books, no clutter. Plus how many times have you picked up that old book since finishing it? Exactly. Unless its a first edition, and gets more than one read or holds some serious sentimental value its time for it to go.
  8. Knick-nacks– As tempting as it is to buy that little figurine you saw on holiday (x every holiday you’ve ever been on) don’t! Over time these cute little buggars really start to invade your home. PLUS they rarely ever match anything else in your home thus making it seem more cluttered. My advice would be to take photos of them and keep a scrapbook or collect them all up and keep them in ONE box as mementoes to look back on in the future.
  9. Soft furnishings – Ok this is a big one for me as I am super guilty of indulging on soft furnishings like cushions, pillows and throws. Having lots of these soft yummy furnishings can really make a room feel overwhelming as they draw the eye and make the space seem smaller. Less really is more (no matter how lovely and squishy and soft they are) plus think of the cupboard space you’d have if you didn’t have to store the extras anymore!
  10. Emotional baggage – Now this really is the biggest and most important one of all. hanging on to emotional baggage will really weigh you down. Mentally and physically. The reason we hang on to so much stuff is that we hold some sort of guilt towards keeping or (in the first place) buying an item. for example; Nan bought it for me last Christmas, Its still got the label, I’ll fit into it after my diet etc…

Trust me, Adventurers, throw out these 10 things and you’ll have the makings for a much lighter and happier existence!



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