Walt Disney World Take 2

Hey Adventurers!

So last year, just before Thanksgiving (for my American followers) and Christmas, the family and I went to Walt Disney World in Florida for Pygmy’s second run round Disney.

Suffice to say it didn’t disappoint.

We flew Tui for the first time (we usually use Virgin), the plane was lovely. Very bright and comfortable – the claims about the new Dreamliner are well founded. It’s a shame i cant say the same for the staff, but I’ll leave that review on TripAdvisor!

We were there two weeks, and stayed at the Lake Buena Vista Resort Village and Spa -We’ve stayed here a few time now so knew what to expect.

Pygmy LOVES this hotel because it has a giant pirate ship in the big pool and is zero entry so he can run right in.

This hotel is all suites so there is plenty of room for the family to branch out and there are plenty of amenities to meet all needs and the staff are really friendly too.

All round its a a great place to stay. That said; I wont be staying there again.

Now don’t get me wrong, I do like the place, I just think its time to try somewhere new.

Ideally i’d like to stay on Disney property next time but i’m also open to other hotels in possibly the I-drive or Disney Springs area.

I’m already planning (of course I am…its me!) our next trip so I’ll post more on my hotel research later.

Right, back to the trip report…

As with pygmy’s first trip, we only visited Disney in terms of major theme parks. Traveling with a little kiddo, battling the time difference and walking around with ‘older’ citizens (sorry mum) is challenging enough without adding in trying to hit all the major parks as well.

We did make one exception though…. Gatorland.

Now I’ve been visiting Florida from the UK more or less every other year since 96′ and i had never been to Gatorland until this trip. I don’t know why we didn’t go before. It was great!

Gators are the Pygmy’s most favorite (live) animal so you can just imagine how that day went! Watch out for my blog on Gator land. (I’ll link back to it later)

I make no secret that I simply love that place. For everything it is, and isn’t; but mostly for the feelings and memories i get just being there.

How long do the Disney blues last again?

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