Holiday recap- we went to Greece!

Hey adventurers… So this safari road show went to Greece… Well more specifically; Kos for just after Easter break.

We were there for a week, staying at the Labranda Marine aqua park hotel in the Tigaki area… Oh you don’t know where that is?? No sh*t, neither did we! It’s not exactly a bubbling city or island for that matter but pretty in its own kinda way.

We flew out with easyJet, which was pleasant enough. Pygmy was good and sat quietly for pretty much all of the 4 hour flight. (which I know the parents among my followers will understand how great that is)

It was only a 25min drive from Kos’ shockingly tiny airport to the hotel.

We arrived quite late at night so didn’t take any pics but we were greeted by the typical Greek welcome party on the way to breakfast the next morning.

The welcome committee

We met a few cars at our hotel which was nice because they were all very friendly and kept the kiddo happy every time spotted one.

The hotel was smallish and clearly struggling to keep on top of high-end (wannabe) exterior but it was very clean and all the staff very friendly.

The real winner at the hotel was the kids pool. The water was cold but that really on us for going before the weather was optimal but it didn’t stop us jumping in. (we’re Brits after all!)

There wasn’t much to do though…I’m sure when the season starts at the end of May it will be heaving with things to do and people but at least while we were there it was very quiet.

Pygmy really enjoyed it though so that’s all that matters. Biggest highlight being the kids mini disco! I think we might have ourselves a raver lol (thankfully he’s not quite ready for the late nights)

Back to reality now though. It was a lovely holiday but I’m already looking forward to the next one…

Next stop Portugal!

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