Friday; welcome my old friend…

Hey Adventurers!

We made it…it’s Friday and the sweet sweet relief that is the weekend is almost upon us.

I don’t know about you, but I’ve been finding the weeks difficult to get through of late. The weather here has been very fickle (ok yes, England’s weather in nutoriusly fickle but still) leaving me feeling quite flat and unmotivated.

With the long nights of winter only just a thing of the last, I’m not coping well with the suddenly very grey dismal day times – especially after just returning from the sunny isles of Greece.

Do any of you experience this too?

No matter if you don’t, I’m sure you guys can relate in some way or another.

Here are 5 things I like to do when I’m feeling a bit flat to perk up again.

  • Feel like crap but never look it!

Now this, I’m sure some people will have mixed feelings about this statement; but let me explain.

You know that feeling of wearing an outfit you love or getting your hair done?

Using that “I look amazing” feeling and harnessing it boost your mood. So when I feel like crap- even if it makes me late for work, I’ll wear something I look great in, style my hair well and do a light, natural face of make up. I don’t always instantly feel good but I almost always get extra compliments which is never a bad thing.

Felt like crap but my 3 day old braid out was Poppin = good feeling

  • Listen to perky/ bouncy music.

Something that puts a bounce in your step. This is not the moment for that emotional power ballad (unless that’s your thing) play something that makes you want to dance! I defy anyone to not be happy when they hear their jam!

  • Look at things that make you happy.

I like to look at past holiday photos (Disney world of course), photos of pygmy when he was a smaller pgymy, Pinterest pics of beautiful spaces etc.

What ever does it for you, trust me it helps. ** Don’t over do it though! You don’t want to slip into envy. You just need to find contentment.

Couldn’t resist

  • Smile!

For the love of God and all that is holy, just smile.

At your self, at people you pass in the street- I mean, don’t be creepy but just offer a little smile of acknowledgement. A kind of knowing smile of “I know you feel like crap too…” Smile.

Trust me. You’ll be surprised at how well it’s received and pretty soon you’ll be smiling for real. (there’s science to back me up on this one. Go check! I dare ya!!)

  • Do something that achieves a quick win.

Now this is big for me. And my usual quick win achievement is to start and complete a visual task.

This could be almost anything – clear an email screen, make a bed, finish a cup of coffee; but for me the most satisfying is a little speed clean session.

Ok I’ll be honest…a rage cleaning session. I take my negative energy and channel it into purging my environment of things that shouldn’t be there. Guys, I have a 4 year old and my partner is a gym & photography nut so there is ALWAYS something out of place to be put away. So I do that. And when I’m done, and everything is where it should be; I FEEL GREAT AGAIN.

(insert Donald Trump-like meme of making something great again here)

It may have been a small win but I find it’s the small wins that make the most day to day difference.

What do you guys think? Do you have any tips? Let me know ok.


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