Toy sorting 101- The rules of engagement

Hey Adventurers!

Today I want to share some very important lessons about toy sorting.


I am no pro here. In fact I’m probably the poster girl for how you do it wrong!

So learn from my mistakes. Do as I say, not as I do… (did… Whatever, you know what I mean.)

  • Do not under any circumstances buy those gorgeous little wallet leeches that BIG (size) and expensive toy they say they can’t live without. Even if you make them wait until Christmas or their birthday or some other denomination of time.

That thing WILL sit there unused and taking up space in some corner of your home and you’ll battle with yourself for months about getting rid of it only to finally decide to do and hear your kid ask for it. (rocks quietly in a corner) trust me, it just ain’t worth it.

  • Buying kid storage is for suckers.

Now I’m not talking those IKEA storage cubes or those big bucket type** baskets… No. I’m talking the brightly coloured, adorned with Paw patrol, Pepper Pig or shaped like a cute ducky storage boxes and shelf units.

As with the above they quickly lose their novelty and your little darlings will pretend they don’t even exist. Therefore leaving all the toys especially the Lego (why is it always the Lego…) On the floor; leaving you right back at square one.

** Side note on the bucket bins… Don’t be tempted to buy the big ones. Whilst in the one hand they may hold all the kid crap they are also big enough to hide in. And kids know it. So before you know it that buggars been tipped end up, spilling the contents everywhere only so you can pretend you didn’t see your kiddo a) tip it out and b) hide in or under it whilst shouting “mummy come find me!!!”

Case and point

You’ve been warned.

  • Don’t buy storage to fit the toys, buy toys to fit your desired storage.

You can thank me later for this one. If like me you’re a self confessed organisational ninja (toy drama not withstanding of course) you will manage to pack a hell of a lot of toys onto any given space. Down side to this is you won’t realise you’ve enables toy-mageddon before it’s too late.

Toys are like having a pair of Rabbits and not knowing if they are in fact “both female” (if you know, you know.) They multiply man. And quickly. Divide and conquer here people. If it means spending a little more for that one toy rather than the set that comes with 6 guys, a car and a motorbike – just do it. One toy or six? You choose.

  • Sorting toys with your kids is FUTILE.

It’s a battle you WILL LOSE. Even if the kid forgot they had that thing until you just showed it (or after you’ve thrown it away) to them they will want to keep it. It doesn’t make sense being bad cop for no damn reason. Just smuggle that sh*t out when they’re at school and blame Fred (you know… The Christmas elf) for being naughty and hiding them as a pre Christmas prank. (You’re welcome… And yes I use this line even in the summertime)

You’re welcome x

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