Insta life Vs Reality

Hey Adventurers!

Lets have a real conversation for a minute. Now I know it’s Monday morning (for me anyway) and this might be a little heavy but let’s talk about Insta lives Vs Reality.

Do any of you have a “Insta life”? That polished, slightly staged version of yourself that you post online or do you firmly live and present your reality?

I’m firmly in the reality camp. I show you guys the good, bad and the ugly. Check my Instagram feed if you don’t believe me (@adventureswithpygmy shameless plug I know)

Me eating donut pic for Insta = posed. The real me was picking up toys whilst holding pictured donut in my teeth

Not that there’s anything wrong with a Insta life. No one wants to see the pile of dirty washing in shot of that beautiful selfie you just took. But I have to admit it’s a bit weird when I see people pretending to climb trees or run a mile…

You’re thinking “but how do you know they haven’t?”

Well… There’s only so many times you can watch someone pose for a pic in sweats in their front yard without actually ever going anywhere. Or stage their meal in that one corner of the cafe that makes it look like they are in a much nicer establishment before you lose respect for the world around you. Well the people anyway.

Frankly, give me the ugly WITH the beautiful. It’s more realistic. No one and I mean NO ONE lives the perfect and pristine version of themselves all of the time and is happy. It’s not normal.

But what’s normal anyway?! Some of my younger peers believe that this social media life we now live in IS the new normal and what people my age *cough cough* presieve as a false existence is in fact the natural progression of the generations and the embodyment of the fake it till you make it idealism.

Is some ways I can understand this idea but in others I find it very hard work and socially damaging to accept.

What do you guys think? Maybe I’m over thinking it… Tell me in the comments.

Xx C

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