Safari update!!

Hey Adventurers!

A little (late) update for you, the safari went to Portugal!!

I know, I know… I never seem to tell you guys anything these days but forgive me ok. Life’s been chaotic.

The summer was… let’s say…”long” but we did manage to get back over to Portugal to see family and spend some family time together.

We didn’t manage to hit many tourist spots this time but we did get to see one we’ve been meaning to get out to for years…

The Lisbon Aqueduct!

Its freaking high guys! But super beautiful.

It’s no longer a working system (or at least there wasn’t any water in it) but it’s 100% intact so I guess they could make it work if they needed it to.

It’s something like a mile long if you walk both sides of the structure and offers a really nice view of the city.

That’s Ponte 25 Abril bridge in the distance (no, it’s not burning)

The shopping mall – Amoreiras at Marquese de Pombal on the hill

We even flew a drone off the top!

I recommend making the effort to view it if you’re into architecture. It was €3 for the 3 of us (don’t hold me to that figure) to go up and have access to the surrounding grounds.

It’s not the most exciting place for kids but we did get a couple of cute pics up there.

If you like a good wall for a backdrop (I’m looking at my Disney walls crew here) this place has you covered. Lol

We other great days/experiences in Lisbon too…

Pigeon chasing at Centro commercial

The Elvador de Santa Justa

So many natas 😅

And always sooo many photos!

To save you guys from endless scrolls I’ll do another post with some of the other places we went.

Have any of you been to Lisbon? Let me know in the comments.

Xx C

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