Good intentions

Hey Adventurers!

Guess what!?…. It’s fall y’all!

Ok I’m English, we don’t actually say that phrase…it’s autumn and getting chilly out.

And with autumn comes the autumn half-term break from school.

For us, that’s one week off from school a week before Halloween. The kid needed it, I needed it. But only one of us is really getting what they want out of this break.

*Spoiler alert* it isn’t me.

At the start of the week, I had all these good intentions of doing all these amazing things with pygmy and taking some time for myself to recharge and maybe even record a vlog post (ahem…yeah been meaning to do that for a while now…)

Turns out those good intentions were just that and not a lot more.

Sure it’s only Saturday morning so there’s still time before it’s time to head back to work and school but let me get real for a second. THERE.IS.NO.REST.FOR PARENTS.DURING.SCHOOL.BREAK.

Sorry… Had to make that clear. Even the most (seemingly) chilled thing you can do with kiddos will turn out to be 20-30 mins of either you yelling “don’t do that!” Or cleaning up whatever you just told them not to do. Lol now I’m not mad at that, it’s just real life.

I mean, look at this week for example…

We did:

  • crafts and painting
  • cookie making with Nanny (granted I wasn’t there for that but still)
  • I had to clear and clean our bed of bloody beg bugs (more about that in another post 😓)
  • we went to the trampoline park
  • spent time with Aunty Mel
  • played with a Jack Russel puppy
  • went shopping bought a toy or two
  • went to the cinema with daddy

And the weekend is not over yet! Is it any wonder I’m knackered?!

To be fair, my little pygmy is knackered too! And funny enough the main thing we intended to do this week we still haven’t done.

Writing this with just 48 hours of autumn break left, (at the current time…coz lets face it this will get posted late) I’m officially giving up intentions and am just gonna see how it all plays out.

Are you guys on a break? What are you up to? And most importantly will you join the revolution of giving up intentions with me!?

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