November already?!

Hey Adventurers!

Where the heck did the time go? How are we already in November! and why haven’t I  finished my Christmas shopping??!!

So many questions, and not many answers…

These are all rhetorical questions of course because let’s face it,  for all except ” how is it November already” I can only have myself to blame for why I’m not prepared for the month we’re in. (procrastination is the only thing I’m on track with this year it seems)

Pointless comments aside. November is a great month! So many great things happen in November and frankly, I’m here for all of it.

  • All the ‘Holiday’ stuff starts appearing in the shops (sorry but no I am not one of those people who get huffy about seeing Christmas stuff in shops the second Halloween is over)
  • It’s my hubs’ (the Captain) 35th birthday AND my besties 40th this year!
  • Every coffee shop in the land brings out their Christmas flavours and sandwiches (which by the way is the only time I like a sandwich for lunch)
  • The Street lights are mostly up and poised for being turned on come December 1st (or whenever it is they turn them on around town- I don’t care I just love it!)
  • The Christmas 24 channel starts up again and I can shamelessly watch Christmas Hallmark movies all weekend again!
  • I can watch Christmas Hallmark movies shamelessly again (Yes, I realise I just wrote this on the point above but it means that much to me I had to include it twice!)
  • Clearing out all the Halloween decor and remnants of Sept/Oct to make way for winter. (oh I love a good clear out!)
  • Baking my Boozy Christmas cakes so they can ‘rest‘ ready for gifting in December (If you know, you know.)
  • And my most favourite of all- carefully curating my winter sweater collection for the winter season! (it’s more than just warmth and Christmas jumpers you know!)

So many wonderful things. Only 61 days to enjoy it all!

Ok, maybe I’m a little over-excited lol but I can’t help it… there’s already so much to be happy and excited for and before the month is through, I’m sure I’ll have plenty to be thankful for too!

Happy November Adventurers!


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