Packing cubes- 3 ways to use them without leaving home!

Hey Adventurers!

Today I want to talk about my slightly obsessional love for packing cubes and 3 ways to use them outside of vacation packing.

I love these bad boys, they’re not just great for packing your life into a tiny suitcase (although, I don’t know how anyone could live without them tbh) they’re great for around the home too!

For most of you, the cold, dark days and nights are pretty much history but if you’re anything like me – you’ll be needing that suitcase you’re always told to pack your winter warmers into for the warmer months.


Perfect use of cubes #1: Change of season.

I love using packing cubes for this because not only is my winter wear nicely packed away, I can break it all up into types easily for when the weather takes an unexpected (but also TOTALLY expected… You know…England) U-turn!

No more cracking out the whole lot to find that one cashmere scarf that goes with the outfit you’re wearing. Just stroll on over to wardrobe like a G and grab the cube with scarves in. Boom. Just like that, you got yourself a wardrobe win!

Perfect use of cubes #2: Health and beauty supply round-up.

Now, I can already feel some of you rolling your eyes but hear me out… I confess I am one of those people who throw everything, and yes I mean EVERYTHING into the drawer of chaos. (Think man drawer but with mascara and nail polish)

The smaller packing cubes are great for this too. Especially if you are too stuck in your ways to ascend from a drawer to shelves and whatnot. With cubes you can group all the bits and bobs – nail polish/gels/ removers/ face/hands/lips whatever, and THEN throw it all back into the drawer of chaos with a little more order. Lol I mean come on, you weren’t expecting a full-on transformation were you??

Perfect use of cubes #3: The wires, oh the wires.

Now, this may just be my favorite use of packing cubes. I HATE, and I mean HATE wires laying around at home. It’s like they taunt me, with their skinny little bodies and you never know what the hell they are for once they are not plugged in or the device they charge isn’t in constant use anymore. (Like that Fitbit you swore you’d use forever… shhh, it’s ok. Your secrets safe with me)

Packing cubes are great for this problem too. Round up and group the barely used, sometimes used and the ‘only a holy deity knows what this is for now’ wires into cubes. If you’re cube savvy; you can probably even get the device they belong to into the cube too.

See! They’re great. How did you ever live without them?!

Have fun Cubing! XC

These are some of the cubes I have currently, but there are easily 40+ options on Amazon.

** Please note these are affiliate links. They don’t cost you anything more than the usual retail price but I do receive a percentage for anything bought via my links.


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