3 ways to stay productive and organised during lockdown- with kiddos!

Hey Adventurers!

I hope you are all staying safe and doing well during this horrid pandemic?

I’ve been finding it super hard to stay productive and organised whilst being home, trying to work AND homeschool my kiddo (I know i’m not alone on this one).

We’ve been home now for 77 days, and I’ve been lucky that i’ve been furloughed for the past 6 weeks; so have not had to worry about being productive at work but that wasn’t always the case and with my back to work due date finally here- I’m going to have to re-find that sweet spot of balance between keeping organised at home AND productive at work.

Now, I’m not saying I have this down by any means, but this is what is (so far) working for me.

With just these 3 things I’ve managed to halve the stress I was giving myself when this whole lockdown situation started.

1: Set realistic expectations for your kids AND yourself

Setting your kids and yourself realistic expectations is really important right now more than ever. There is a real feeling of needing to do everything but it’s completely unnecessary. I started off this lockdown period trying to work full time from home AND homeschool my 5 year old at the same time on my own. It’s not rocket science to realise that wasn’t going to be sustainable.

After a on the level chat with my boss and a series of emails with my sons teacher I decided to approach this all differently. I shifted my working hours to a pattern that was more suited to my sons schedule (and even put some tasks on hold and slightly reduced my hours) and worked out a learning plan for my son that wasn’t so intense. (Mommy was getting scary! lol)

Have a two-way conversation with your spouse/kids/other family members about what needs to happen, your honest concerns or fears about it all and any ideas or solutions you each may have to help everyone get what they need out of the day/week.

2: Don’t over commit

Easier said than done, but its a big one to remember. Right now, even the little tasks are taking more time and effort than they would normally. I started writing little J.O.B lists (Just.ONE.Bit lists) With crazy things on it like – Shower before 10am, 10 mins of letter formation with Josh, take a walk.

They are all completely normal activities you wouldn’t even think about pre lockdown; you would just do them. But right now the little things are everything. When something is completed you can add another thing to the list. I start with 5 jobs to get done then see how I go.

Set a few J.O.B’s for you and your family each day. Talk about them together and then get going.

Here’s one of my favourite list books by Mrs Hinch. Its great for household jobs but will work for anything!

3: Roll with the punches (Pick your battles mama, it’s just not worth it)

Oooohhh mama, roll with those punches. Your plan for the day WILL change. There are going to be tantrums (on both sides!) someone gonna cry (probably you in the bathroom when no one’s watching) but you know what? Thats ok. Just remember this is hard for both you and your kiddos. Things are uncertain, every situation is super charged with added emotion. Fighting EVERY battle just isn’t worth it. Control what you can, and forget what you can’t.

Stick to your guns on the things that matter, but choose sanity and compassion in those moments when you see red.

Which character plate the kid simply must eat off or the apocalypse will ensue or the car park meltdown because McDonalds STILL (yeah i’m still a bit bitter about this one too… can you tell?) isn’t open really isn’t a big deal right now. Hug it out and move on. You can thank me later.

Hang on in there guys.


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3 thoughts on “3 ways to stay productive and organised during lockdown- with kiddos!

  1. Alex Grace says:

    Brilliant post! And so, SO true – I love where you’ve said choose sanity & compassion, that’s good advice. There’s just been so much to process and I really felt at the beginning of all of this, I set my homeschooling expectations too high but adjusted that pretty quickly. We have a bit of a routine, and like you said, we stick to our guns on the things that matter but we just go more with the flow now and it works. Thanks for sharing your experience x

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