How to prep your home for Summer- During quarantine

Hey Adventurers!

Most of us have been home for a while now, and if like me you have begun to see your home in a whole new and disgusting light, you are starting to think about getting your space ready for the summer; ’cause guess what? we’re all likely to be spending a bit more time home this summer….

In my house, with everyone home 24/7 it feels like things get messy and dirtier a lot quicker than normal. I also notice all the little nooks and crannies I don’t usually have the time to notice. (yeah i’m talking about you cob webs in the corner of the ceiling)

We’re now less than 6 weeks out of the Summer Holidays here in the UK. Thats just a few weeks to get ship shape and ready for summer at home.

Here’s how i’m getting ready:

Out with the old and in with the new!

Take a day or so to go round your home and inspect all your furniture, appliances, toys, clothes, well anything that gets a lot of wear and tear for for any damage and either fix, recycle or get that baby out of there and replace with something that will fair better or serve you and your family through the season. Bye bye last years kiddie pool with the slightly dubious patch job, hello new kids water sprinkler and water guns.

Channel your inner dooms day prep-er and stock up.

Now, DO NOT and I repeat, DO NOT go on a hoarding spree. We’ve already seen how that plays out. But DO go out and stock up on the essentials to keep the kids (and yourself) entertained through the summer. Buy that bulk size bubble solution or ice pops for the freezer and that party size crate of wine now (yeah I said it, but you were thinking it). Aint nobody got time for waiting for hours in a social distance line outside the market because you failed to prepare early.

Be respectful with your purchases though people. You don’t need to buy it all on one trip. Get yourself a little stash now, then go again in a week or two ok. Thanks!

Don’t sweat the small stuff

And by this I mean, usually we’d be out buying all the cute summer home decor bits a bobs to make our homes Insta ready for all the summer pics. But this summer, guys…maybe just don’t. As we cant go to the stores (or if you can you’ll likely be in a really long line) and our delivery guys and girls already have their hands full getting packages out to people who really need them; lets just not add to the strain by ordering new throw pillows, mantel frames and curtains ok.

Besides- all that stuff is just extra stuff to clean and the old stuff is just more stuff we wont be able to drop off at Good-will or the recycling centres that are already overwhelmed. Instead, make do with what you have, enjoy the family moments as they come and hopefully save a few pennies in the process. Who can’t do with some extra pennies right now anyway…am i right?

This is shaping up to be one of the weirdest Summers any of us will remember, let’s make the most of it and try and make it a memory of happy times amongst the awful. 


** Please note these are affiliate links. They don’t cost you anything more than the usual retail price but I do receive a percentage for anything bought via my links.**

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