4 top tips for tackling Disney

Hey Adventurers!

I’m really feeling the Disney Fever right now so thought i’d share with you my 4 tips for tackling Disney (specifically Disney World) with your family.

There are a few things I want to talk about which i’ll summarise here but link back to later to for some more in-depth nerding out on Disney!

This is possibly one of my favourite view of the castle. On the bridge from the Futureland coming back towards Main St. USA (and right by a Joffreys Coffee!) Capturing it on a beautiful blue day only makes the view that much sweeter.

So, if you’ve never been to Disney World before you’re probably asking yourself “What should I expect?” and i think that is an excellent place to start!

**Coronavirus Caveat**

BRING YOU FACE MASK. Actually bring a few spare face masks. Bring your own hand sanitiser and or gloves. Bring your own cutlery and water bottles. Do what you can to limit the need to shared use items.

Tip number 1- Know before you go!

There are many many magical surprises awaiting you when you get to the gates of Walt Disney World but there are also a few surprises you could really do without. For example: long lines (yep really, really long lines), expensive snacks and even everyday items you wouldn’t even think you needed whilst on holiday in the most magical places on earth. Doing just a tiny bit of recon BEFORE you lock the front door on your way to Disney could save you lots of time, money and frayed tempers later on.

Tip number 2 – Set a budget and then DOUBLE IT.

Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com

You’ll thank me later for this one guys… Disney is expensive. There’s really no mincing of words here. But if you are prepared and can enjoy every moment of the experience it is 100 percent WORTH IT. Setting yourself a budget for the different aspects of your trip will really help you keep hold of the reins and not lose control whilst at Disney. For example even simple things like crisps (chips for my US crowd) that would cost you £1-£2 at home could cost you £4-£7 at Disney. Doubling your budget for food, toys, drinks and gifts now will really save you the heartache later when you have to decide between that amazing Disney Spirit Tee and one day’s eating in the parks.

Tip number 3 – Make a hit list

There is so much to see and do at Disney World! Whoever said Disney is for kids clearly hasn’t been there before! I recommend making use of the numerous guides and planners available to get an idea of what different rides, experiences and even restaurants you and your family really want to experience before its time to head home so you don’t leave feeling like you missed out. No body wants to leave for home with FOMO.

Tip number 4 – Remember to be spontaneous

It is really, really easy to get caught up in all the planning for Disney. Its now easier than ever to plan your life away with the My Disney Experience+ app for Fastpass, restaurant and experience bookings; but please, if you do nothing else- try to remember to be spontaneous! There is so much magic at Disney but the most magical moments are usually the ones that just happen. Don’t be afraid to abandon the plan in favour of something you just found out existed. Trust me, it will be worth it.

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