3 things I’m really grateful to Covid-19 for & 3 things I’m not.

Hey Adventurers!

This pandemic has done a number on all of us. It has been HARD and I know all of us can relate.

But there has been some good amongst it all. There are many things I’m grateful to have noticed in the wider world during all of this, like the sense of community and unity with the majority of people around the world. We truly are in this together and the re-emergence of neighbourly behaviour and watching people check in on their neighbours or those less able to look after themselves has restored my faith in humanity but 3 things specific to me that I am truly grateful are:

  1. Time with my son. All day. Every day. All night too. Now this one probably sounds like a negative; and at times it is but mostly its wonderful. I’ve been able to really spend quality time with him without the guilt of going to work or him going to school and only really having a few hours with him.
  2. Watching him grow, sharing in his thoughts, fears and happiness’. This kid has so many different facets to him. I don’t think we as parents (unless you homeschool) ever really get to see the lesser seen sides of our kids because they are at school, in different situations, with their friends etc. I’ve found out my kid is sensitive and thinks about things on such a deep level I didn’t even know he was capable of. (I mean he’s super manipulative too but which kid isn’t am I right?)
  3. Learning a new level of appreciation for what I have and what I haven’t. Being trapped (I mean safe… must be positive) at home this past few months really has shown me how much I have and how much I have to be thankful for. We have a safe, dry, warm home. Food in the fridge, tv with Netflix, Disney+ and everything else you can think of at our fingertips and realistically need for nothing. There are many who cannot say the same thing. Our privilege is not lost on me and I give thanks at the end of every day for these things.

But there have been things that I really wish hadn’t featured in my lockdown diaries…the things I’m really not grateful for are things I had completely taken for granted before…

  1. No time away from people that stress me out– Now anyone who says their family doesn’t stress them out is a bald face liar. Families are stressful. We love them but they are a massive stressor. Being at home with my family 24/7 has been a serious source of stress for me. I certainly have a new appreciation for the saying “absence makes the heart grow fonder”….
  2. Lack of respect to/ inability to observe personal boundaries– Now this one is mostly about the kids. If you’s are anything like mine, they’re climbing you, touching you, talking to you at nose touching range… yeah; zero boundaries here. But also, our house isn’t that big. You’re kinda always with other people, whether you want to be or not.
  3. Zero downtime – Being in lockdown, with working and homeschooling and when you’re not working or homeschooling- you’re still mom or wife etc means zero downtime. Its like being on a shift that never ends. Yep, defo not fun.

Im sure many of you can relate but I hope its my first 3 observations that resonate the most. I still think we’re still going to be living with the Coronavirus for some time and i’m sure there will be lots more to learn about ourselves and each other in the weeks and months to come.

To all my followers, who’s kiddos are heading back to school- i wish them all a happy and safe return and to everyone else no matter where you are in the world; please PLEASE look after yourselves and each other.

xx Chelby

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