Good intentions

Writing this with just 48 hours of autumn break left, (at the current time...coz lets face it this will get posted late) I'm officially giving up intentions and am just gonna see how it all plays out.

First 1/4s over… let’s do a goal check! 

Hey Adventurers!  I'm not one for making resolutions but with 2017s first quarter officially over (and boy oh boy did it fly!) I thought it might be fun to hold ourselves a little accountable for the things we hopped to achieve for the year so far.  Now I made no official resolutions but I do … Continue reading First 1/4s over… let’s do a goal check! 

Sunday strolls with Pygmy in tow

Hey Adventurers,  Not much to report here. I just wanted to share a couple of pics from my Sunday stroll with my Pygmy.  Hope the suns out next Sunday so we can do it again! X C