Budgets suck!

There I said it. I totally understand the need and importance but it really sucks the fun out of life...

First 1/4s over… let’s do a goal check! 

Hey Adventurers!  I'm not one for making resolutions but with 2017s first quarter officially over (and boy oh boy did it fly!) I thought it might be fun to hold ourselves a little accountable for the things we hopped to achieve for the year so far.  Now I made no official resolutions but I do … Continue reading First 1/4s over… let’s do a goal check! 


"Giving thanks for abundance is greater than abundance itself "                                    -Rumi This is a perplexing quote for me. The very word has so many interpretations...  A quick search brought back hundreds of quotes about abundance... what I didn't expect … Continue reading Abundance