The slump at the bottom….

That's it... I've hit it... that slump of depression when you realise that your holiday is STILL just over a month away but the thought of another day at work, heck, getting out of bed is almost unbearable but you JUST. HAVE. TO. DO. IT. This is where I am now. Hello! Tired is an … Continue reading The slump at the bottom….

Military Precision….pfffh…

The military aint got nothing on me when it comes to preparation for travel.... especially when that travel situation means me on vacation! Now my flights, hotel, attraction tickets and airport transfers are sorted that only leaves one thing left to do.... Pack! Time to pack! Now for any normal person, packing wouldn't even be … Continue reading Military Precision….pfffh…

And my 2013 holiday will be….

Walt Disney World Florida!!!! This will be my 9th time at the happiest place on earth and I can't wait to get there is autumn. Orlando...i'm coming!

So i finally did it

Well, I cut down on everything I could. Less buses, less eating out, planned and budgeted for cinema nights, reduced membership at the gym, made (making)  packed lunches for work and SOLD MY CAR... Thats it... I have officially sacrificed in the persuite of my 'New life'  and its scary! Theres no going back now. … Continue reading So i finally did it