Window to my world



In an attempt to learn a new skill and get closer to my darling fiancé; I will be dabbling in a little amateur photography….(Lol I couldn’t even type it without laughing)

Now don’t go expecting magic….. it’s likely to be a whole lot of randomness!!

Here’s the safari through my eyes. Xx




6 thoughts on “Window to my world

    • chelby10 says:

      lol Thanks! and you’re welcome. The camera I got was a Samsung NX1000 which although isn’t as impressive as say a Canon 7D it was a BIG step up from the Hitachi 12MGP I was using before.

      I’m still new at this blog thing but I’m enjoying reading blogs and writing them.


  1. Nadine Blackman says:

    Hi there,

    Thanks for liking my article. I know this is a little late in coming, but I’m now catching up on all your posts. I like to include photos with mine, and if you continue to read them you will see several – however they are all taken by my husband. He’s not a professional, but he constantly reminds me about framing the photo properly. I say that’s what the cropping feature is for.
    Looking forward to reading more. Following now.


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